CCAPPTIA  Members help Climate Bonds Initiatives to Develop Adaptation & Resilience Guidelines for Shipping

July, 12TH, 2019 

CCAPPTIA Members, Adolf K.Y. Ng, Mawuli Afenyo, and Roozbeh Panahi, are invited by Climate Bonds Initiatives (CBI) to develop Adaptation & Resilience (A&R) guidelines for shipping. The A&R guidelines will be used by CBI to give certification to ship investors who wish to issue bonds for raising funds to build ships that are resilient to the impacts of climate change. 

“I am really grateful to be involved in this important project”, said Ng, “It illustrates that our research in climate A&R is highly appreciated by practitioners”

Climate Bonds Initiative is an international organization working solely to mobilize the largest capital market of all, the $100 trillion bond market, for climate change solutions ( 

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