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About us

Climate Change and Adaptation Planning for Ports, Transport Infrastructures, and the Arctic (CCAPPTIA) is an international forum that brings together leading experts, stakeholders, and right holders from academia, government, industry, consultants, interest groups, and community groups in addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change and the Arctic. 
CCAPPTIA strives to consolidate and coordinate global research and development activities related to strategy and policy implementation under the context of climate adaptation planning, as well as Arctic shipping and development. Links to presentations from this and the more recent meetings, news, and research may be found under other pages.​

We at CCAAPTIA possess the following expertise:

Sustainable transportation planning and management
Adaptation and resilience planning and management

Socio-economic and environmental impact assessment

Operational risk analysis

Green/sustainability metrics development
Decision-supporting system development

Policy, strategy, and action plan analysis

Kindly check individual team members' profile for details. We are open for collaboration, consultation, and research.

Past and Present Collaboration​

CCAPPTIA Program0608 3.jpg
CCAPPTIA Program0608 3.jpg
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