CCAPPTIA is an international forum that brings together leading experts, stakeholders, and right holders from academia, government, industry, consultants, interest groups, and community groups in addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change and the Arctic. 

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2020 CCAPPTIA workshop poster

2018 CCAPPTIA workshop in Winnipeg

The workshop is part of the academic activities and the initiative of Prof. Adolf K.Y. Ng, Dr. Changmin Jiang, Dr. Jason Monios, Mr. Yui-yip Lau (Joseph), Prof. Gary Stern, Ms. Ashley Gaden, and Dr. Mawuli Afenyo to address climate change adaptation issues, shipping in the Arctic and oil spills. This has become necessary considering the current debate about the impact of climate change on the lives of people. The goal was to get inputs from both academia, government, and industry. Further, it seeks to engineer ways for personnel from different fields to work together with the same resolve to address climate change issues and at the same time make use of the opportunities it presents